GAIA Builders

The Gaia Story

The eco-conscious vision for Gaia Builders is a natural outgrowth of founder Eva Lund’s work as a principle of CSB Contractors, one of the respected leaders in the design and building of recording and post-production studios in southern California for over 20 years.

In the last five years, Eva has helped to expand CSB’s reputation for superior craftsmanship, elegant aesthetics, and technological innovation into new areas, as the company ventured into high-end residential construction, home remodeling, and specialty niches including notable installations at major cultural and educational institutions.

Through her work with CSB, especially in home building, Eva recognized the growing need for incorporating a “green” approach in the construction process. More and more clients were requesting sustainable and environmentally-conscious alternatives in both construction methods and materials. During this time, Eva’s passion for animals and nature inspired her to buy her own ranch and move to the country, as she simultaneously began investigating eco-conscious building methods and the new green movement in architecture, construction and design.

Gaia Builders was born. The name incorporates the Greek word for the Earth goddess or Mother Earth and reflects the company’s philosophy of building with respect to nature and the environment.

Eva brings to Gaia the same attention to detail and commitment to excellence that has built the CSB name. At the heart of both companies’ working style is a dedication to creating the best team for each job, and to building fruitful collaborations with architects, designers, contractors and clients — relationships that ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget, in an atmosphere of trust and creativity.

The Gaia Difference

“Health for the body, peace for the spirit, harmony with the environment — these are the criteria of the natural house.”

David Pearson,
world-renowned echo-architect

Gaia Builders has the depth of knowledge and experience to remodel or build your home or business using exceptional craftsmanship, cost-effective planning, and design that are efficient, environmentally friendly and stylish. We work hard to make the collaborative process between our clients and the rest of their team as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We understand the importance of customization, and it’s a pleasure for us to find ways to personalize each of our clients’ projects. We especially enjoy the process of researching and seeking the latest sustainable methods and advances in eco-conscious building and renewable resources.

For the best possible outcome for each project — for our clients’ personal visions to be realized — they need a building team who will listen carefully to their needs and respond with imagination and care. That’s what really makes the Gaia difference.

Eva Lund - Biography

Eva and Nickel

In 1999, Gaia Builder’s founder Eva Lund became a partner in Continental Studio Builders, one of the foremost construction companies specializing in acoustical recording studios and installations in southern California. Eva brought her expertise in technology, finance, and client relations to CSB’s expansion into home construction and more advanced work in the institutional sector. Before getting involved in building and design and becoming a CEI-certified construction supervisor, Eva was instrumental in the launching of such high-profile theme restaurants as ESPN Zone and House of Blues, and in Universal Studios' restructuring of its theme park computer system. At House of Blues’ new media division, she pioneered simultaneous live broadcasts of concerts over the Internet and television. Eva brings that same pioneering spirit to this new venture into eco-conscious building. Most recently, she was chosen by the Small Business Technology Institute as one of 10 finalists to win a scholarship through the prestigious SheBusiness program funded by technology giant, Intel, to develop the online presence of her new business — Gaia Builders.