Day One

May 20, 2006 :: Categories: Milestones

Welcome to our blog, the Green Room. Why did we call it that? We liked the idea of having a place to relax and spend a little more time sharing the things we’re learning about ecological building, sustainability and design. Like in the backstage spot where actors and musicians chill out.

Green Rooms are also the garden rooms, porch or patio rooms on some houses that spill out into the outdoors and invite nature to come inside. We like that idea too. We wanted a place where our thoughts and ideas could spill out.

The rest of our website is designed to give you the information you need fast. The Green Room invites you to stay a little longer and check out our notes, musings, letters, inspiration, research and the latest stories about what we are building. You can read about our triumphs and failures at getting permission to use environmentally friendly methods, how we have to negotiate that stuff with local government, etc.

You’ll find links here to some of the best online resources for building green, too. And our handy fix-it tips for the little things around the house that can go wrong.

And feel free to send us your own stories and ideas. Maybe they’ll end up in the Green Room, too.

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