How to order a door lockset

June 16, 2006 :: Categories: Tips

Most lever sets require you to determine whether the door is a Right-Hand or Left-Hand door (knobs do not require handing).

doorhinge example

Simply stand outside the room or house facing the door (It does not matter if the door swings in or out.)

If the hinge is on the right, it is a Right-Hand door lever

If the hinge is on the left, it is a Left-Hand door lever.

A note about Handle sets: Even though the lever is on the inside of the house, you still stand outside of the house to determine handing.

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Plumbing tip

May 30, 2006 :: Categories: Tips

Preparing to solder a pipe joint

If you have to add to an existing copper pipe, prior to soldering the joint make sure the area is dry. A tip I got from a plumber is to stuff a piece of bread in the pipe by the area to be soldered. Use white mushy bread (not any fancy baguette with a hard crust). The bread will dry up the pipe and dissolve once the water is turned on again. This works when you need to cement sprinkler PVC pipes as well.

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Painting tip

May 24, 2006 :: Categories: Tips

You are in the middle of painting and you need to take a break. Place the roller in a plastic bag and wrap it tight. You can then resume painting the next day.

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